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Room on the Broom

A Halloween Inspired Family Fun Night

Theme:  Room on the Broom

Activities:  Movie + Easy DIY Craft

It’s that time of year: cooler air, leaves are falling, pumpkins are ready, and Halloween is just around the corner.  A perfect time to enjoy a cozy evening indoors after playing outside in the brisk air.

Last year, when my oldest son was three, we looked for some fun Halloween activities.  My husband discovered the short film Room on the Broom on Netflix.  It was delightful.  After watching it just once, our son wanted to watch it over and over again.

It wasn’t long after that night that I decided to help my son make a magic wand just like the witch’s wand in the film/book.  He was thrilled!

Matching Wands
Matching Wands

It was such a fun night, that this year–in anticipation of Halloween–I decided to share this simple DIY magic wand.  You too can have a great family fun night making wands and watching (or reading) Room on the Broom.

What’s Room on the Broom?  And where to find the film or book…

If you haven’t seen Room on the Broom, it is a TV short based on an adorable storybook.  I won’t spoil the end, but it is a wonderful tale of a witch’s encounters with various animals who feel like outliers.  These misfits band together in a short adventure that inspires wit and perseverance.  The children’s storybook is equally as delightful.  Kid’s Bookreview has a great description here.  Or, here’s a little preview:

For your family fun night, finding this film or book is easy.  You can …

  1. Get the TV Short Film:  If you are a member of Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can watch the TV Short Film for FREE.  Yep, who doesn’t love free?  Just search for it on Netflix, or find it here on Amazon Prime:  Room on the Broom.  If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can still rent or buy the TV Short on Amazon.  The thing I love about the film being on Netflix and Prime is that it requires no pre-planning; it is available on a moment’s notice.
  2. Buy the Book:  I am sure the local library has a copy of this great tale.  But if they don’t, you can easily grab a copy on Amazon at a great price here.  

What about that Magic Wand?  DIY is easier than you think…

Now that you’ve found the film or book, it is time to see how easy it can be to make the matching magic wand!  This step-by-step tutorial will have your kids twirling with magic in no time!  So here we go:


1.  Gather supplies

Gather Supplies

You will need the following items to make your wand:

  • A dry cleaner pants hanger
  • Yellow paper or foam squares (you can find some here if you prefer to order online)
  • Blue ribbon (either fabric or gift ribbon will work; you can find some here if you prefer to order online)
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Writing utensil

Of course, you may be missing some of these items, and that is OK.  Improvise!  For example, you could use a tightly rolled piece of white paper if you don’t have a pants hanger.  Or, no ribbon?  Pick a favorite colored marker and draw the swirl on the wand hand instead of using ribbon.

2.  Cut wand

This step is pretty straightforward.  Remove the white part of the pants hanger and cut it down to the desired length.  If you plan to do two wands, cut it in half.  I decided to keep the handle longer since I wasn’t making a second wand.  My handle was roughly 10 inches long.

Cut wand

3.  Wrap ribbon around handle

The next step is a bit trickier.  The short version is that you want to wrap the ribbon around the white tube from the hanger, but do it in a way that the ribbon will stay put even after hours of holding by a toddler.


Here are the steps:

  • Take the ribbon and place it near the top of the handle, tape it in place.
  • Make a line of glue along the ribbon and wrap it around the handle.
  • Keep gluing and wrapping until you reach the bottom.
  • At the end of the tube, wrap the ribbon several times around itself and anchor it with tape.

Depending on your child, this is a great time for them to help.  They can use a Q-tip with glue and help put the glue onto the ribbon as you wrap it.  Or, you can let them wrap the ribbon themselves.  Either way, it will look awesome in the end.

P.S. This step is the hardest and once it is finished, your wand is more than halfway done!

4.  Cut the stars

Now that the handle is complete we need to add the star to the top.  The next step is to take that yellow paper or yellow foam square and make a star.  Draw a star on scratch paper, trace it onto the yellow paper/foam, then cut.  You will want TWO stars the exact same size.

If you want to let your kids be creative, consider giving them stickers (or maybe even markers and glitter) to decorate their stars for their wands!


5.  Attach the stars & you’re done!

Flatten the top end of the wand handle and tape it to the back of one star.  Cover that star with a layer of glue, and also add glue  to the back of the second star.  Press them together with the wand in the middle.


Once everything is together, give it 5 minutes to dry.  (Maybe make some popcorn or grab a snack and everyone can get ready for the short film!)


That is it.  Family fun night made easy!

Tell me, what are your favorite Halloween activities?

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