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Easy DIY Kid Art Display

It’s that time of year when kids are back to school.  This year my oldest is beginning preschool.  After just one week, he already had multiple art projects he’d poured his heart into.  And, as a sappy mom, I MUST have that artwork in my house.  But where to put it?  I thought about framing it, but that sure would be a lot of frames… and a little overboard.  But what about a dynamic display where my son can proudly hang his newest art, and as it gets full, I can take down some of the older pieces?

Yep, that was the answer.  But I’m a working mom with a full time gig and a side hustle to boot.  So I needed something quick and easy that uses items I already have at home.  (Me + 2 kiddos + weekend crowds = avoiding the store like the plague).  This is what I came up with:

The Easy DIY Kid Art Display

Estimated time to complete:  5 minutes


  • String; you could also use twine, cording, rope, ribbon, or even an old shoe lace
  • Clothes pins or binder clips; even paper clips could do the trick if you are desperate
  • Hooks for the wall; I used Command Strip hooks to avoid putting a hole in the wall, but eye hooks, screw hooks, or even a simple nail will do
  • Art


  1. Find a wall space perfect for displaying your child’s art.
  2. Place hooks on wall (mine were the self-adhesive stick-on type).  Space the hooks no further apart than the length of your string.
  3. Cut string to length.  You want to make the string a few inches longer than the distance between the hooks.
  4. Make loops at each end of the string.
  5. Hang string on the wall hooks.
  6. Use clothes pins and binder clips to hang the art.

That’s it.  All done!

Let me know how your art display turns out!  Comment below, share a pic to @LCeeeDesigns on FB/Instagram/Twitter, or tag it #LCeeeDesigns

Here’s a video if that helps!

This DIY tutorial provides a quick and easy way to display your kid's artwork.
This DIY tutorial provides a quick and easy way to display your kid’s artwork.